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tech·brar·ian (tek brerē ən)


  1. a passionate educator in search of technology to support talent development and social action in teens.
  2. an organizer and facilitator of technology-based materials for optimal usage by end-user (usually middle and high school students).


// Techbrarian offers consulting services to educational institutions as well as direct instruction to groups or individuals.  Services include technology integration, technology-infused curriculum development, and the establishment of talent development programs.  Expertise include Scratch Programming, SketchUp, Arduino, 3D Printing, Filmmaking, Lego Robotics, blogging, digital music creation, web 2.0, and graphic design.  Contact me at  lou.lahana(at) for more information.




Hey there! I’m Lou Lahana and I’m the Library/Technology Coordinator at the Island School located on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. This website is here to support my social action and talent development curriculum for a bunch of bright and spunky middle schoolers. Feel free to borrow my ideas (but give me credit!) and contact me with any questions lou.lahana(at)  In my efforts to protect copyright holders, I have placed passwords on certain material.  If you are an educator wishing to use the material, contact me for more info.

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