YRodriguez– Search and Seizure of Bags & Cosmetics (Video)

ASanchez, TArnolod, and BLee (Animation)

ASanchez- Nuclear Radiation and North Korea

JMata– Flower Tank (Scratch Game)

DCastillo- Steroid Clown (Image)

AFeliciano (Boston Marathon Bombing)

YEscalara (9/11 Memorial)

JCapellan (9/11 Memorial)

JColon (9/11 Memorial)

TArnold (9/11 Memorial)

NBegum (9/11 Memorial)

AOrtega (9/11 Memorial)

ALin (9/11 Memorial)

TTang (9/11 Memorial)

WNunez (9/11 Memorial)

KHernandez (9/11 Memorial)

GRobinson (9/11 Memorial)

MGarrick (9/11 Memorial)

TGolson (9/11 Memorial)

JRodriguez (9/11 Memorial)

EBrann (9/11 Memorial)

TGolson (Airport Security)

GUdechi (Scratch Game)

YGuo (Scratch Animation)

GMeixueiro (Scratch Game)

JColon (X-Ray Goggles)

DHassan- Miracle Berry to Fight Obesity (Video)

JColon  (Scratch Game)

RDewberry (Scratch Game)


RRivera (LED Throwies DIY)