Below are some real world problems that need to be solved. Follow as many links as you can! If you have a problem you’d like to solve that is not on the list, search for it Online.  If you make interesting discoveries, we can add them to Once you decide on an issue that you truly care about and want to solve, it’s time to start your assignment.
Once you fall in love with an issue, use one of the tools from the START HERE page to create a project to help solve your problem.  Here are some questions your project should answer:

  • What does a “day in the life” of a person with this problem look like?

  • Are there good guys or villains in this problem?  If so, who?

  • Who does this problem affect the most? Why?

  • How big is the problem (For example, 35% of Americans are obese or over 8000 people died from firearms in the U.S. in 2010)

  • Why are the solutions already out there not good enough?

The Secret Science of Advertising (Video)

PBS– Advertising Tricks (Interactive Website)

The Power of Propoganda (Video)

Advertising Techniques (Video)

Merchant’s of Cool– Hooking Teen Customers (Video)

Admongo– The World of Advertising (Game)

Advertising  Facts (Infographic) Advertising Tricks (Webpage)

Banksy on Advertising (Blog Post)

The Cyberbullying Virus (Video) 

Amanda Todd‘s Message– Cyberbullied into Suicide (Video)

Amanda Todd on the News– Cyberbullied into Suicide (Video)

Student Bullying (Infographic)

Imagine a World Where Straight People were the Minority (Video)

Bad Behavior- Trolling and Freedom of Speech (Video)

Cyberbullying (Infographic)

Cyberbullying– Rebecca Sedwick (Video)  (More info click HERE)

Cyberbullying Example (Video)

Bully— The Documentary (Video)

One Boy’s Online Tragedy– Cyberbullying (Video)

Bullying in a Nutshell– Cyberbullying (Video)

Bullying– What you can do (Webpage)

Long Term Effects of Bullying (Infographic)

the.Gov: Cyberbullying (Video)

R-Word- Ending the use of “retarded” (Videos)

To This Day (Animation)


The Real Cost (Website)

BrainPop: Cigarettes (Animation)

The Real Cost:  Bully   Skater   Promise   Teeth   (Videos)

What’s in a But?– Cigarettes (Interactive Webpage)– Cigarette Facts (Website)

Anti-Smoking Cigarette Label Images (Images)

Bubble Wrap– Smoking Deaths (Video)

Pro-Smoking Ads (Images)

3 Reasons to Say No to E-Cigarettes (Infographic)

The Truth About E-Cigarettes (Infographic)

Vaping (Video)

Anti-Smoking Ads (Images)

Health Effects of Smoking (Webpage)

Ashes to Ashes– Anti Smoking (Video)

Nursing your Lungs– (Infographic) Commercials– Anti-Cigarette (Video)   Part 2, Par 3 Part 4

E-Cigarettes as Gateway to Smoking (Video)

Science Behind E-Cigarettes (Video)

China’s E-Cigarette Boom (Slideshow)

Hidden Cost of Cigarettes (Video) Courtesy of:

Energy Now!– Electricity Generation (Video)

WindFall– Wind Turbines to Power a Town (Game)

EnergyVille- The energy needed to power a city (Game)

Three Mile Island- Nuclear Power (Video)

Shale Gas Drilling (Movie)

The Age of Stupid (Movie)


Lacie Green: HIV (Video)

Voices of Youth (Game)

BrainPop- HIV/AIDS (Animation)

What you Should Know about AIDS (Infographic)

EndGame- AIDS in Black America (Video)

HIV/AIDS (Glogster)

Is Sugar a Drug? (Video)

Obesity Facts (Infographic)

BrainPop: Healthy Diet (Animation) 

BrainPop: Diabetes (Animation)

Yuck: A 4th grader’s documentary on school lunches (Video)

Body Mass Index Calculator (Webpage)

What is a Calorie? (Video)

What 2000 Looks Like (Article)

Obesity: Complex, but Conquerable (Infographic)

NY Times Calorie Detective (Video)

Fizzy’s Lunch– Tummy Trauma (Animation)

Two Foods– Compare any 2 foods (Website)

Carbohydrates– Brainpop (Animation)

Is Junk Food Cheaper? (Article)

Calorie King– Search the calories in food (Website)

HBO’s Weight of the Nation (Movie)

Obesity Worldwide (Infographic)

What 2000 Calories Looks Like (Video)

Working off the Calories (Infographic)

FDA’s Nutrition Education (Webpage)

Fantastic Food Challenge (Game)

Global Fat Scale (Interactive Webpage)

Super Size Me (Movie) Part 2Part 3Part 4

Crazy Amount of Sugar in Everyday Things (Video)

The Economic Cost of Obesity (Video)

Hidden Cost of Big Macs (Video) Courtesy of:

Hidden Cost of Soda (Video) Courtesy of:

Experiencing Homelessness (Video)

Runaway Homeless (Video)

Homelessness Timeline (Video)

50 People, One Question: Skid Row (Video)

Changing the World (Movie)

The Stats on Homeless (Infographic)

NYC Children: Homeless for the Holidays (Infographic) 

The Road to Youth Homelessness (Infographic)

Homeless: Ronald Davis (Video)

On a Plate (Comic)

Ayiti (Game)

3rd World Farmer (Game)

Spent– Homelessness (Game)

World Hunger Day (Presentation)

Homeless Poem (Glogster)

The Invisible Poor (Infographic)

Where is Homelessness Getting Worse? (Infographic)

Every Beat Matters– Closer to Home (Video)

Every Beat Matters- Mission (Video)

Every Beat Matters- Supporting Front Line Health Workers (Website)

Frontline: Poor Kids (Video)

Hoarding (Quote)

13th (Movie)

Mass Incarceration– A Failed Policy (Animation)

Girls and the Criminal Justice System (Website + Videos) (Full Video Click HERE)

Incarceration in America (Video)

3 Strikes Sentencing (Video)

50 People, 1 Question: Change One Thing about your Body (Video)

#LikeAGirl (Video)

A Beginner’s Guide to Hijabs (Video)  **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA**

Killing us Softly- How Women are Represented in the Media (Video)

The Bro Code– Male Stereotypes (Video)

Brave New Voices: Halloween (Video)

Hit Record: Feminism (Video)

HyperSext- Girls and Sexuality (Video)

Totally Biased: Cat Calls (Video)

Bronies- Boys who like My Little Pony (Video)

Body Evolution- Before and After Photoshop

Miss Representation– How women are portrayed in the Media (Documentary Film)

How the Media Failed Women in 2013 (Video)

Vintage Ads Shaming Women into Buying (Images)

Clearasil– Hate other Girls (Image)

Sports and Politics (Movie)

Campaign Against Women (Movie)

Life as a woman- Having to watch your back (Blog Post)

Last Week Tonight: Miss America Pageant (Movie)

Sam Pepper Exposed (Video)

Sam Pepper Exposed, Part 2 (Video)

Feminist Frequency- Women in Video Games, Part 1 (Video)— MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH

Feminist Frequency- Women in Video Games, Part 2 (Video)— MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA TO WATCH


Hollaback: Street Harassment (Website)  Hollaback: Street Harassment (Video)

Dying to Stay Thin (Infographic)

Does Sexism Hurt Men? (Video)

Not NFL Scandals (Image)

Wait, is Makeup Sexist? (Video)

Tampon Pic (Image)

Photos Shaping Opinions (Video)

Cause & Effect: How the Media you Consume can Change your Life (Infographic)

The Mask You Live In- Trailer (Movie)   Click HERE for Full Movie


Women in Information Technology (Infographic)

Time Poverty (Video)

Digital Bystander (Video)

Flocabulary: Oversharing (Video)

ThatsNotCool TV (Video)

Digital Compass (Serious Game)

ThatsNotCool– Girl’s Perspective- Privacy (Video)

ThatsNotCool– Boy’s Perspective – Privacy(Video)

Digital Parenting (Infographic)

Teenage Sexting (Infographic)

The Truth about Teen Sexting (Infographic)

Sexting– (Video)

Profile Penalty– (Video)

What’s on your Mind? (Video)

Hyper Reality (Video)

Donald Trump’s Executive Order Explained (Video)

Allepo’s Last Hospital (Video) **MUST HAVE APPROVAL FROM DR. LAHANA**

The Fall of Allepo Explained (Video)

The Plight of Syrian Refugees (Video)

All of the World Failed Allepo (Video)

BrainPop: War (Video)

Flocabulary: ISIS (Video)

Afghanistan (Game)

September 11:Fact vs. Fiction (Video)

9/11 Ten Years Later (Infographic)

Save Syria’s Children (Video)