In the Problems section, you learned about  important issues affecting the lives of people here in the U.S. and around the world.  Some students will use that information to make products that spread the word about the problem.  Other students, might choose to invent solutions.  Your invention could be a Scratch game to better educate people about the problem; it could be a machine you create with lego, woodwork and the Makerbot; a board game or a club; it could be a song, a TV advertisement, jewelry, soap, whatever you can think up!

Here are 3 questions you might want to ask yourself before building your invention:

1) Is my idea original or has it been done before? (Hint: your’s should be original or really improve on something already out there).

2) Does my invention show that I really understand the ins and outs of the problem?  Every problem is complicated, so your solution should not be simple or obvious.

3) Is the idea doable?  If your idea will cost a billion dollars, break the laws of physics, or break the law, then it probably isn’t.


Check out these problem solvers for inspiration:

Cigarette Parody Ads: Camel 1, Camel 2, Camel 3, Kool, Marlboro 1, Marlboro 2, Marlboro 3, Marlboro 4, Newport

SmokerPoker– Stop smoking through Facebook 

Look at Me (Video)

Spot the Drowning Child (Interactive Video)  ** YouTube Required

Blaze Laser Light- Projects the Symbol of a Bike (Video)

Lumos Helmet (Video)

Helmet For–  Stickers promoting helmet safety

Invisible Helmet (Video)

Pushin’ Weight (Music Video)

The Sage Project–Simple Nutrition Info (Website)

Food Forward: Food on the Brain (Video)

Health Justice Manifesto (Video)

By Any Sweets Necessary (Music Video)

Candy Man (Music Video)

Purest Poison (Music Video)

Farm Living (Spoken Word Video)

The Corner (Spoken Word Video)

Hear No (Spoken Word Poetry)

Death Recipe (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

I Speak for the People (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Countdown  (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Product of his Environment (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Sole Mate (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Lost in Translation (Spoken Word Poetry Video)  En Español

Block ‘O Breakfast (Video)

Un Sabor De Casa (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Thin Line (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Perfect Soldiers (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Chocolate Smile (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Targets (Spoken Word Poetry Video)

Mandela Food Co-op– Healthy food where it’s hard to find (Video)

What’s on your Plate– Eating Healthy (Movie) Part 2Part 3

DHassan’s Miracle Berries (Video) 

Lahana’s Obesity Song (Music)

Healthy Food Advertising (Webpage)

Evil KFC Ketchup (GIF)

7 Food lies (Video)

Island School Student: RRosario- Affordable Water Filter (Video)

Island School Students: BMorales and MHill– LifeStraw

DayOne Purification Water Bag (Video) 

Mr. Toilet (Video)

The Drinkable Book (Video)

Hidden Dangers Project (Website)

Food Forward: Quest for Water (Video)

Everyone is In–   WaterForPeople (animation)  Part 2

Bottle Cops – Ending Bottled Water

Clean Water–

The WaterMill– Water From Air (Video)

Coca-Cola’s EkocCenter (Video)

PackH2O– A backpack for carrying water in 3rd world countries (Video)

QDrum– Rollable Water Transport

Aqua4- Solar Powered Water Still that Cleans waste water

Naked Portable Filter (Video)

SciGirls: Aqua Bots (Video)

Door Filter (Video)

Hydroventiv- Green Roof to help overflowing sewers (Video)

StreetCreeks- Gardens to help overflowing sewers (Video)

Altered Noze– Atomized Water (Video)

Homemade Water Filter (Video)