In this unit we will create a mind-blowing song about cyberbullying.  Obviously, we’ll need to create a sick beat and powerful lyrics to get the job done.  One thing to keep in mind:  everything in this unit is *optional*, meaning feel free to write a song about any issue on Techbrarian’s What’s Your Problem page. The song we create together will be hip-hoppy, but if you want to create a dubstep, rock, death metal, or whatever style song feel free.  As long as your song talks about an important social issue in a powerful way, it’s all good.

-Day 1-


1. Let’s begin by learning about Cyberbullying.  Go to Techbrarian’s What’s Your Problem page. Find the “BULLYING” section.  Click on some of the links to learn about this social issue.


-Day 2-


1. Now, listen to THIS song created by Island School students about Ryan, a boy who committed suicide because of cyberbullying. 2.  For the first verse of our song we are going to pretend we are Ryan before the cyberbullying began.  Obviously, you don’t know him, so we’ll talk about someone you do know: you!  Think about 5 things you like to do. 3. Now write this in your blog:

My name is Ryan

I used to (happy thing 1)

used to (happy thing 2)

used to (happy thing 3)

used to (happy thing 4)

used to (happy thing 5)

Then the bullies came

The cyberbullies came

stomping on my heart messing with my brain


-Day 3-


1. Let’s take a break from lyric writing and start thinking about our music.  Watch this GarageBand tutorial on how to create a song:


Now, begin creating the music for your Cyberbullying song and record your first verse.


-Day 4-


1.  Begin by watching THIS movie called “The CyberBullying Virus“.

2. Time to write verse 2 of your cyberbullying song.  Here’s another fill-in-the-blank possibility if you’re having trouble thinking of your own:

Now the demons haunt me (place 1)
haunt me (place 2)
alone in my (place 3) just wishing I could (action word)
but i’m (sad emotion)
they call me a (bad name)
they call me a (another bad name)
girl pretends to like me
but then (how he gets dissed)
now I feel like (sad emotion)
text emails facebook stay away

Then the bullies came
The cyberbullies came
stomping on my heart
messing with my brain

3.  Now, watch the video below to see how to record your second verse using GarageBand:


-Day 5-

Now that we’ve shown what Ryan’s life was like before the bullying began and described the bullying that took place, it’s time to talk about the sad outcome of the bullying.  As you saw in the video, Ryan committed suicide 🙁  Unfortunately, there are many cases of suicide caused by cyberbullying.  Check out the video below to see the tragic case of Amanda Todd:

Now, let’s write the third verse of our song.  This time let’s brainstorm some ideas for lyrics.  Here are some things that come to my mind when I watched the movie about Ryan, what about you?:

Hangman’s Noose…kids calling Ryan gay…the girl pretending to like him…talking with his friend online about how to commit suicide…losing hope…no way out…can’t talk to my parents…all alone…

Use some of these ideas and your own, to write verse three about Ryan committing suicide.  Click HERE to see what I came up with.