Obesity is  a HUGE problem in our community. It’s about more than just a big belly.  Because of obesity, more kids and adults than ever before are getting diabetes and are living shorter lives due to heart problems, cancer, and many other diseases.  Obese people often have trouble sleeping, playing sports, and miss out on school and work because of obesity-related problems.  

It doesn’t have to be like this.  By eating healthier foods, smaller portions, and exercising more, obesity could vanish.   Sound easy?  It’s not.  The junk food companies want your money and will do whatever they can to get it.  And with more and more hours spent on the phone, watching tv, gaming, and on the Internet, people are spending way less time playing real sports and  just running around with their friends.  Something’s gotta change.  Can you be the one to do it?  In this unit we’ll be learning about obesity and remixing your maze game in order to fight against it. 


Step 1– Click on any or all of these links to learn more about obesity:

Obesity Facts (Infographic)

BrainPop: Healthy Diet (Animation) 

Yuck: A 4th grader’s documentary on school lunches (Video)

Body Mass Index Calculator (Webpage)

What 2000 Looks Like (Article)

Obesity: Complex, but Conquerable (Infographic)

NY Times Calorie Detective (Video)

Fizzy’s Lunch– Tummy Trauma (Animation)

Two Foods– Compare any 2 foods (Website)

Carbohydrates– Brainpop (Animation)

Is Junk Food Cheaper? (Article)

Calorie King– Search the calories in food (Website)

Dangers of Obesity (Infographic)

HBO’s Weight of the Nation (Movie)

Obesity Worldwide (Infographic)

What 2000 Calories Looks Like (Video)

Working off the Calories (Infographic)

Food Fury (Game)

FDA’s Nutrition Education (Webpage)

Fantastic Food Challenge (Game)

Global Fat Scale (Interactive Webpage)

Super Size Me (Movie) Part 2Part 3Part 4

Crazy Amount of Sugar in Everyday Things (Video)

The Economic Cost of Obesity (Video)

Hidden Cost of Big Macs (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-big-mac

Hidden Cost of Soda (Video) Courtesy of: insurancequotes.org/hidden-cost-soda

   Step 2-  Here are some thought questions before you start      your maze:

1.   Why is sugar the enemy and fiber the hero of a healthy diet?

2.   What is portion control?  Why is it so important to a healthy diet?

3.  How many calories should a teen eat?

4.  What do these terms mean:  organic, vegetarian, vegan?

Step 3-    Create an Obesity Maze in Scratch

Click HERE for Part 1 of the Maze.  Click HERE for Part 2 of the Maze.  Click HERE for Part 3 of the Maze.  Click HERE for Part 4.


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