When I was a kid, THE best books to read were Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA). Basically, you would read through the pages and be asked to make all kinds of decisions about what you wanted to happen in the story. Depending on your choice, you’d have to flip to a different page on the book. Want the robot to let the girl escape in the Ferrari? Turn to Page 100. Want the robot to eat the Ferrari? Turn to page 112. You get the idea. Flash forward to 2012 and Google Forms + your blog give you the power to publish your own! Your assignment is to create a Choose Your Own Adventure about your summer (feel free to exaggerate).
1. Begin by playing MY Choose your Own Adventure:

2. Next, watch a tutorial on how to make your own. Then make one!  
Quick Tips:

  • Write the story as if it’s happening right now (the present tense).  For example, “a wolf is chasing you…”   NOT   “a wolf chased you”.
  • Write sentences using “you” instead of “I”.  For example, “you wake up on your first day of summer…”
  • If you’re stuck on how to tell your story think about what really happened, what you wish would happen, and what you hope would never happen).


3. Now, Watch the tutorial below for directions on how to put the final touches on your CYOA and publish it on your blog: Once you publish your CYOA, have at least 10 of your fellow students take it!

4. Next, watch this video to learn how to “read” the statistics created by your story. Now make a blog post describing the choices your CYOA players and what surprised you and what didn’t. :

5. Finally, use the rubric below to evaluate your work. If you don’t think you got all 4’s, go back and work HARDER!