Well hello there!  Welcome back to the world of blogging.  Get ready for an exciting year filled with interesting issues, fun with Photoshop, moviemaking, and Scratch programming.  Before we move ahead, though, let’s reflect back on your summer with a little game.  Here’s how it goes:

1) In a blog post, tell three stories about your summer.  Two of those stories should be true, one should be a lie.  but don’t make it an obvious lie.  Your goal is to trick everyone into thinking it’s true.

2)  Include an image for each story.  If you forgot how to add an image click HERE.

3) When you’re done, ask your neighbors for their blog addresses.   Go to each blog and leave a comment as to which story you think is the lie and why you think it’s a lie.  If you forgot how to leave a comment click HERE.

Below is my example:

by kodomut

1.  I spent the summer trying to teach Ruby her first words.  I kept trying to get her to say “Daddy”.  All day long I would repeat, “Daddy, Daddy, Daaaaaddy”.  Guess what?  Her first word:  computer!

by jackie weisberg

2.  I went to central park zoo with Ruby and my wife Amy for my birthday.  When we were about to leave, we saw a man taking a picture of his wife and baby.  Suddenly, a tree branch snapped and fell on them.  It killed the baby and the mother was severely injured.  My birthday was ruined.

by Aztec Moon Photography

3.  This summer I taught Ruby to play basketball.  She slam dunked the ball all day long!   After each hoop she made she would clap her hands.  Pretty good for a one year old!